Side scan sonar images of pipelines in Mare Harbour 2016

A series of side scan sonar images were taken using starfish equipment at Mare Harbour in April 2016 to identify the location of two fuel pipelines used to bunker military and civilian boats.

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Last Updated December 21, 2020, 10:05 (PST)
Created January 30, 2020, 05:21 (PST)
Region Falkland Islands
Language eng
Topic Category imagery base maps earth cover
Temporal Extent Start 2016-01-01
Temporal Extent End 2016-12-31
Dataset Reference Date 2016
Lineage The Star fish side scan sonar tool was used at the beginning of April 2016 to acquire images of the seabed to enable the identification of two pipelines carrying fuel to a mooring buoy. The images were collected in a poor sea state conditions (25 knots winds) and only a few of them could be used for the identification and mapping of the pipeline. The star fish was towed to one of the tugs operating in Mare Harbour both perpendicularly and in parallel to the pipelines. Nineteen survey points were set up on the map at 50 metres distance from each other and these were used as starting and ending point for each survey line. However, due to dense kelp bed, only 16 points were used for perpendicular lines. The presence of kelp caused other disruption to the survey as in other occasions the star fish was caught in kelp and the end of many images are disrupted. The best representation and scan of the seabed was given by the two surveys parallel to the pipelines. All the raw images from logdoc format were converted into xtf and processed in Triton Perspective software. The software allowed some further correction and the final images were saved in geotiff. The images were also stitched together to form a mosaic which allow to have a overall view of the surveyed seabed.
West Longitude 396529.32
South Latitude 4248292.27
East Longitude 397795.13
North Latitude 4249388.36
Spatial Reference System UTM 21S WGS84
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Resource Reference Please acknowledge data surce as: Briggs Marine and the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute
Data Format geotiff
Update Frequency not planned
Accuracy approximately 10 metres
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Metadata Date 2016-08-01
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