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  • Nash equilbrium code

    The dataset is a code written to compare the non-cooperative, and fully-cooperative solutions in the context of fishery management in the Falkland Islands and South America
  • Annual average catch over 2009-2014 per fishery grid cell

    This dataset presents the average catch (in kg) for each commerical species within the Falklands' EEZ. It was produced as part of Marine Spatial Planning.
  • Loligo fisheries 10 years

    The file depicts grid squares (approx 950 kmsq) where Loligo fisheries occurred in the last 10 years (2005-2014 included). Data were extracted from the commercial catch database...
  • Falkland islands restricted fishing areas

    The dataset contains information on restricted areas to fisheries per fishing activity. The dataset is clipped to the Falkland Islands conservation zones (FICZ and FOCZ) limits...
  • Falkland Islands commercial catch data

    The file provides daily records of catches from licensed vessels fishing within the FICZ and FOCZ. Falkland islands vessels are required to give record of every day they fish...